Description of OraStream BRIO - enabling seamless music enjoyment from any source on any device at highest quality possible
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BRIO is a personal audio player/music server. When installed on a PC or MAC, the BRIO software turns the PC/MAC into an online music library that streams your own music collection to other PCs and mobile devices.

BRIO is different from other desktop music services, such as , Plex, Subsonic, Serviio, others in that your music is streamed at native resolution. This means that BRIO streams 16-bit/44.1kHz and higher resolutions up to 32-bit/384kHz and DSD files. Using patented, quality-adaptive streaming technologies, streaming on any device is seamless, at the best musical fidelity possible at any moment in time.

The audio player features in BRIO are similar to what you'd find in JRiver or FooBar audio players. You can play your music library locally - it works with WIN (WDMKS, WASAPI, ASIO)/MAC audio drivers and external DACs, as well as, external (networked) speakers; Sonos, Chromecast and uPnP-audio systems.

Visit http://www.orastream.com/brio

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