New listening situations

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New listening situations

Postby orastream » Tue Apr 25, 2017 5:47 pm

The ability to conveniently stream your online music library at native audio resolution offers the freedom to enjoy high-fidelity music experience at any time and place. New listening situations include:

a) Listening “In-Home”
With your music libraries online, you can remotely control local playback using a web-browser or mobile app from anywhere. You can also choose to stream your music library anywhere in your home using a browser (music player) or mobile device player. With native audio resolution, you are no longer restricted to high-fidelity music listening only in your music room.

b) Listening “on-the-go” or “in-car”

With your music library online, you can also choose to stream your music library to another PC in the office or on your iPhone (with BRIO Mobile) in- car and on-the-go. Most new, higher-end Android phones support up to 24-bit/96/kHz192kHz audio playback. With the iPhone or iPad, you would need to purchase a Lightning-USB converter and attached an external DAC device (to take advantage of high resolution audio source files in your music library).

c) Listening to Naxos classical music service

A Naxos classical music service {Naxos is the world’s largest independent classical music label] is available in BRIO. If you are a classical music lover, you can subscribe to the Naxos service (S$8 per month) and stream from around 10,000 classical albums in CD- and HD-quality. The same catalog is also available for downloads at

d) Remote control (of music library and Naxos service)

BRIO Mobile app allows mobile phone (or tablet) devices to work as a music streaming player when on the go, and as a remote control for the music library while at home. The remote controls the user’s music library and Naxos music service for local playback.

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