Server modes and streaming applications

Everything about OraStream's digital supply chain and bitrate adaptive audio streaming for 16/24-bit audiio
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Server modes and streaming applications

Postby orastream » Thu Apr 27, 2017 11:36 am

OraStream adaptive streaming are implemented in two modes:

1. cloud-music services (Connect) - content is pre-encoded and stored in MPEG-4 SLS for streaming and downloads. This supports internet delivery of lossless music files when bandwidth conditions can vary dramatically over different access network technologies. Regardless of whether the service delivery bitrates are lossy or lossless quality, it provides a one-file solution for cloud-music services.

2. desktop music server (BRIO) - content is received and encoded in MPEG-4 SLS for streaming in real-time ("live" streaming in conjunction with PC audio inputs, including microphone). It supports the setup for audio in a digital home; where end-users can create, use, manage and stream digital audio in lossless quality to different audio players for playback.

In a broadcast environment, OraStream cloud-based servers could be used in all stages comprising encoding, archiving and distribution. In the broadcast chain, whenever lower bit rates are required, the bitstream is just truncated and no re-encoding is required. In multicast live-streaming, adaptive streaming delivers audio bit-rate scalability to channels of differing capacity.

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